Tesla Builds a 4-Door Sedan and it Looks Great!

Tesla is making some big moves, literally. The company is planning to relocate from its current headquarters in San Carlos, California, to a $250 million facility in San Jose, California, the construction of which will begin in the summer of 2009. The reason? The Model S, an all-new 4-door 5-passenger zero-emissions luxury sedan powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. Unlike the Tesla Roadster, which is built in partnership with Lotus in the U.K. and based on a stretched Elise platform, the Model S will ride on a platform developed by Tesla.
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South African Electric Car to Debut at Paris Auto Show

A South African-designed and assembled battery car capable of carrying six people will be among the glamour and glitter of the 2008 Paris auto show that will open to the public on Saturday.

The Joule* claims to be Africa’s first battery car and will hum quietly on to the market by the end of 2010 with a price tag of around R250 000, a range of 200km and a seven-hour charge time for its two lithium-ion batteries domestic plug.
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Service centre caught doing 217KM/h in customer’s car

Have you ever wondered how your precious car is treated when you entrust it for the day, or longer, to a motor dealership or panel beating comp any for a service or repair?

Capetonian Tim Bishop had no such concerns when he took his wife’s car for its first service at the Chrysler Jeep Dodge Lifestyle Centre in Century City last month.

When he collected it later that day he was thrilled at how clean and shiny it was, and raved to his colleagues about the great service he’d received.

But unfortunately for the dealership, Bishop later had reason to request a trip log from Tracker, which revealed that the Jeep had been taken on a wild, law-breaking joyride while in the care of the dealership.
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Audi RS8 V10 Coming in 2009

Audi execs have been saying that it will never happen, but now, according sources at AutoCar, Audi will be bringing an even hotter and faster R8 super car next year, the RS8.

Audi’s powertrain development Wolfgang Hatz confirmed the car with AutoCar this past weekend. “The car is now signed off, and will appear during the second quarter of 2009,? he said.
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Ferrari: 360 Modena limo may not be badged as a Ferrari

Ferrari Limo

The owner of the world’s fastest limousine — a Ferrari that can travel at speeds of up to 166mph — is facing legal action for infringing the Ferrari trademark.

Dan Cawley, 36, of Cheadle, Manchester, has 14 days to remove all prancing horse badges, Ferrari names and “360 Modena? symbols from the 6m (20ft) car. “What kind of precedent does it set when you can’t do what you like with your own property?? asked Mr Cawley.

Lawyers say that since Mr Cawley cut the 360 Modena in half and inserted a 3m (9.5ft) section of hand-built carbon fibre, the car is no longer a Ferrari.

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Abu Dhabi Highway in Dubai Becomes Scene of 200+ Car Mega Crash

Dubai 200+ Car Mega Crash

On the highway that connects Abu Dhabi and Dubai, around 200 cars were involved in a mass traffic accident that has reportedly left six people dead and hundreds injured. Weather conditions were a factor in the accident, as a thick morning fog apparently reduced vision, which led to motorists driving full speed into the pile up one after another. Read more…

Honda unveils heat-harnessing hybrid technology

Honda Heat-Harnessing Hybrid Technology

Hybrid vehicles have always offered more benefits to the zip-around-town pizza delivery boy than the long-distance highway commuter. In fact, without regernative braking at work, a hybrid vehicle at highway speeds exhibits very few efficiency advantages over a frugal MINI Cooper.

Addressing one of the problems, Honda is now touting a “heat-harnessing hybrid”, claiming it can recapture energy that most conventional hybrids lose during high speed driving. Greatly simplified, the innovative approach uses exhaust heat to convert water to steam. The steam turns an electric generator that then charges the vehicle’s battery pack. It’s all based on an age-old principle called the “Rankine cycle.”
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Lamborghini Reventon Named World’s Most Beautiful Car

Lamborghini Reventon

The ultra-exclusive Lamborghini Reventon has won the award for the World’s Most Beautiful Automobile 2007.

Introduced earlier this year at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Lamborghini Reventon won the award in the special models category.

An international panel chaired by Italian visual arts critic Bruno Alfieri gave the nod to the million-Euro Lambo at a meeting in Milan, Italy, earlier this month.
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Video: Supercar Group Test (Including Bugatti Veyron)

In this video Autocar does a group test of some of the most thrilling supercars around including the Bugatti Veyron, Audi R8, Lamborghini Galardo Superleggera and others.

If you think that’s impressive, you should see my friend’s 6L V12 Twin Turbo Ford Escort…

Ok, I lied.

Jeremy Clarkson Reviews The Audi R8

We all know what businessmen’s hotels are like. There’s a priority check-in section where you wait behind some rope, on a bit of carpet. There are staff in shiny suits who say things like “If there’s anything else at all for yourself at all?. And you are given a credit card key that makes lots of whirring noises when you put it in the lock but will not, no matter what you do, open the door.

After you’ve kicked it down, you have the room. There’s no obvious button to turn off the fan, which sounds like a Foxbat jet. The light switch by the bed turns all the lights off, except one. Which can only be extinguished by hitting the bulb with your shoe. The plug you need to charge your mobile is always behind the mini bar, and the “tea and coffee making facilities? are designed to ensure you can’t make either.
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